The Ghana Robotics Competition hosted by Firefly IO is a national event that brings together students from across the country to participate in a week-long robotics competition.

This year’s theme is “Sustainable Impact,” and students will develop solutions for issues such as climate change adaptation and access to clean water. In addition to the competition, there will be a youth forum for students to discuss relevant topics and share their ideas.

The competition consists of two phases, an innovation challenge phase and a physical robot phase, and allows students to apply their knowledge of math and science in building and programming robots. The goal of the competition is to give youth an opportunity to explore STEM and its positive impact on communities.

Innovation Challenge
The students are challenged to reduce hunger, climate change, and improve water and sanitation in African communities by utilizing science and technology to develop solutions in their communities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs..

To design or build a new service or product, teams can use the human-centered Design Thinking approach. If a team decides to redesign or improve an existing product or system, they must use the Whole System & Life Cycle Thinking sustainable design approach. Teams must present this model of their innovation and describe their team process.


Robotics Game

Students are challenge to build VEX robots that can be used to solve the world problems of climate change, zero hunger and Water and Sanitation.

Registration Fee
There is a $250 USD registration fee for teams REGISTERED to compete in the GRC competition. Team will receive a VEX Robotics kit to participate.


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