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GhScientific is an international  science communication organisation working to build capacity in STEM through outreach and public engagement activities. We work with community groups, schools, universities, STEM professionals and organisation to build capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through public engagement and outreach activities.


Through our projects, we aim to increase science capital in
underserved communities and improve social class. GhScientific is a
registered UK charity and NGO in Ghana with offices in both locations.


GhScientific also exists as an online platform providing STEM
related news, events, opportunities, resources and informative blogs.


Our contributions to the STEM community


Ghscientific provides volunteering and work experience opportunities for people from underserved communities looking to find a place in the STEM community.

Public Engagement

With the mandate to bridge the gap between the public and science, GhScientific brings hands-on science activities to underserved communities and hard to reach audiences.


Working with families from underserved communities allows GhScientific to improve the reach of their science engagement through our stem inspired field trips


STEM career workshops are a good way to educate parents and their wards alike, providing the neccessary information to make informed career decisions.

Good things happen when the science community engage with the public.

Our Values


Keep science communication simple for the consumption of our stakeholders and the general public 


Collaboration is key for research breakthrough and dissemination of information


Everyone should experience science for themselves.

Our Mission

To build capacity in STEM through accessible public engagement and outreach activities.

Our Vission

To be a unifying hub for the scientific community and work collaboratively towards bridging the gap between science and the public particularly within underserved communities

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