Kibo, an online school that offers several STEM degree programs targeted at students in Africa, has recently launched applications for the 2nd cohort of Kibo’s 3-year Computer Science BSc program.

The school is looking for students in Nigeria (Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos), Ghana (Accra, Kumasi), and Kenya (Nairobi) who are ready to become world-class technologists.

Perks Of Degree Holders

Earn a globally accredited and relevant degree

The degree program combines computer science fundamentals with practical classes in software development and communication and leadership skills.

Join a supportive community of peers and mentors

Join a vibrant community of peers, and be matched with a professional mentor to guide them on their journey. A local advisor will organize meetups and events so they can connect in-person with other learners in their city.

Get industry experience to make you job-ready from day 1

Kibo has lined up employer partners like GitStart and Gebeya who are ready to offer paid internships and part-time jobs to qualified learners at the end of the first year.

Applicants get a FREE laptop when they enroll, if they apply before April 21. There are also no application fees, and applicants can take advantage of our deferred payment plan which allows students to learn now and pay later.


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