March 19, 2018

Ghana Science Planetarium gets new life

March 16, 2018 Editor

The Academic City, Vista Ghana and NIIT Ghana have donated some $12,000 to the Ghana Science Planetarium in Accra. The first privately built digital planetarium in West, Central and East Africa has been supported by […]

International Science News

Portable tech for processing blood in the works

March 15, 2018 Editor

A low-cost system to separate blood into its main components without a centrifuge is being developed, and could be put to use in areas with off-grid healthcare or following natural disasters. The system is portable and […]

International Science News

Stephen Hawking Dies at age 76

March 15, 2018 Editor

Tributes poured in on Wednesday to Stephen Hawking, the brightest star in the firmament of science, whose insights shaped modern cosmology and inspired global audiences in the millions. He died at the age of 76 in […]

International Science News

Malaria Test in 2minutes Without Blood

March 6, 2018 Editor

Magnetism and light have been combined in a test that can diagnose malaria in under two minutes without the need to take blood. The new test, which has yet to undergo clinical trials, won a prize for […]

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