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Dr. Hephzi Angela Tagoe


Why engage with GhScientific

GhScientific is committed to building capacity in STEM through outreach and community engagement. We thrive on the collective effort of our community, our partners and our stakeholders to impact our audience through our programs. Whether you are a STEM professional, an early career researcher, a student, an artist, business, school, or community group, we invite you to join us on our mission.

Dr. Thomas Tagoe


What Is New

From groundbreaking discoveries to once in a life time opportunities. Our networking events and guest features from renowned scientists. 

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Measuring Electrons by Robert Millikan Andrew Lartey

Measuring Electrons by Robert Millikan

From the Ten Most Beautiful Experiments by George Johnson In 1896, Robert Millikan, a young...

July 9, 2024
How William Harvey Revealed Mysteries of the Heart  Andrew Lartey

How William Harvey Revealed Mysteries of the Heart 

From The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments By George Johnson In 1628, a London doctor named...

July 3, 2024
How Michael Faraday Revealed the World of Electromagnets Andrew Lartey

How Michael Faraday Revealed the World of Electromagnets

– From the ten most beautiful experiments by George Johnson Michael Faraday, a great English...

June 30, 2024
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