Regina Honu is the Founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions, a software development powerhouse and social enterprise. She founded Soronko Academy, West Africa’s first coding and human-centered design school for kids and teens.

Regina left her job as an IT professional in a bank several years after graduating from Ashesi and founded Soronko Solutions, a software company focused on producing software solutions to support local SMEs. Regina supports Tech Needs Girls, a social venture she started to teach girls in impoverished regions how to code, through Soronko Solutions.

When Honu was urged to apply to Microsoft as she was working as a software engineer and data analyst at a local city bank. The software company was recruiting African programmers into the recession-ravaged United States at the time, and she had made it to the last round of interviews. She how however turned down the opportunity for the love of her country Ghana.

Honu started Soronko Foundation in 2012, which later became Soronko Academy in 2017, to teach children and young people in Ghana, West Africa, coding, IT skills, and human-centered design. The academy was founded to assist young people, particularly women, by providing them with the technical and soft skills they need to succeed in society and to close the technological gender gap. Regina Honu founded the Tech Needs Females Ghana campaign, which aims to teach and educate more Ghanaian girls to pursue careers in technology. Girls are taught to code as part of the initiative.

Regina Honu

Regina Honu, Achievements

Regina has received both local and international accolades for her work in pushing the boundaries for females in technology throughout the years. She was voted Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Ghana Startup Awards, is a YALI fellow, and an Aspen New Voices fellow, and has been featured in various major media outlets, including CNN. She was selected VLISCO Ambassador of the Year in 2016, a position that allowed her to inspire even more women in Ghana. Honu’s several awards also include being named one of CNN’s 12 outstanding women who rock STEM. She was also designated one of the six women having an effect in Africa’s technology sector, as well as one of the ten female entrepreneurs to watch in developing markets.

Regina Honu attended  the World Economic Forum Meeting of New Champions in China, where her expertise and experience aided the conversation on Science and Technology. She’s also on the advisory board for an initiative to revise the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to include a section on a child’s digital rights and was invited to speak at Tedx Dartmouth, a Symposium at Harvard University and also Oxford University in addition to a wide array of University Events. All these are to mention but a few of her international endeavors.

She indeed embodies  every woman to choose the road less traveled and to be brave to be different and express herself.

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