Africtec is a non-governmental organization founded in February 2016. Mission is to expose communities in Africa to technology by engaging them with mini technology related projects to help them understand the modern world and use technology products that are available to them to solve basic problems. Africtec is operating in Ghana, with over two hundred volunteers with technology and human relations backgrounds spread across the country.

PROJECT-EMAIL is a project designed by Africtec to train communities to connect with the rest of the world, for these reasons Africtec is visiting basic schools in Ghana to engage them in a practical way with email.

Every two basic school pupils are assigned supervisors from Africtec to help them create their own emails, compose, and send emails, access their emails, and give replies. Moreover, pupils are tasked to communicate with their supervisors weekly via emails. The aim of this project is to help pupils in basic schools communicate to the rest of the world using emails and help them keep the habit of using emails.

Our most recent project was with Staff Village Junior High School in Accra supervised by Africtec volunteers from University of Ghana and University of Professional Studies. The project was successful because pupils created their own emails, composed mails, accessed their emails and replied them as well. Pupils were encouraged to share their experience with their friends as well.


The vision of the Africtec team with PROJECT-EMAILS is to engage two thousand (2000) basic school pupils in Ghana practically with emails and to help them keep the habit of using their emails to connect to the rest of the world. For these reasons Africtec will be operating in all regions of the country for the project.

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