Will you be surprised if you were told that, your mom’s mini-market you’ve been assisting her with counts as work experience? How about the regular car wash job you do for your daddy? Both these could translate into your CV to gain employment into that dream job of yours! Surprised, huh?

The latest edition of Gheeks by the fireside, organized by GhScientific took off with an intriguing session over the weekend; with the event graced by Madam Rita Kusi – A CEO and senior consultant at a boutique HR and Marketing agency.

The event which took place via zoom and facebook saw an attendance of tertiary students, early career researchers and professionals in diverse fields.

The highlight of the day was on building a competitive CV.

A good number of issues regarding drafting a CV and being placed in an advantageous position for a job selection were addressed during the event by the guest speaker.

Additionally, Madam Kusi mentioned that, to ensure that one overcomes the hurdle of unemployment, there is the need to develop skills that make one a best fit for the position being applied for.

She further advised to:

  • Avoid including personal details such as marital status, religion and political affiliation on your CV.
  • As much as possible, let our CV speak to the job being applied for. This means customizing your CV for every job.
  • Avoid a lengthy CV. A page or two should be enough for entry positions
  • Take up internships, even if they are not paid
  • Do a little background search on how much salary is paid for the job being applied for. This will help you determine your market value

To sum it all, being chosen for a job all depends on how convincing one’s CV is. That notwithstanding, a CV must be concise, yet detailed to increase the chances of employment.


Rita Kusi hails from Bolgatanga – a town in the Northern part of Ghana. She is described as a veteran in the Human Resource Field and is currently the CEO and Senior consultant at a Boutique International Digital Human Resource and Marketing company. She is a highly respected, knowledgeable, passionate and strategic human resource professional with 18 years of experience as a generalist in the field; working as director of the largest privately owned condominiums (flats) in the U.S. and transitioning to consultancy providing services to SME’s, corporate businesses and institutions.

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