Just One Giant Summit will bring together enthusiasts, contributors and experts in citizen science and community-driven science & innovation

About this event

Science and Innovation are big worlds in and of themselves, often siloed and reserved to academia or industry. We believe that community-driven approaches make solving global challenges more inclusive, efficient and impactful.

Community-driven science and innovation (CoSI) looks for active public involvement in scientific research and innovation and JOGL is one of the leading actors in the space. The citizen science movement, maker labs, DIY labs, biohacking are different forms of CoSI. We are passionate about creating a hub for CoSI in the shape of a decentralised summit.

This Summit is a chance to co-create, collaborate, and take the lead in identifying the latest trends in community-driven science and innovation as well as celebrate what we are all achieving together as part of a larger community of communities.

Co-create, collaborate and celebrate at the Just One Giant Summit on July 1, 2022!

More information about event program and sessions coming soon; look out for them on our social media handles (Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)

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