After the success of last year’s outreach program, GHScientific is opening up applications again for a scicomm grant. The mandate of this grant is to give members of the GHScientific community, commonly referred to as STEMGheeks, an opportunity to give life to public engagement projects which have been left unattended to.

The scicomm grant is open to STEMGheeks exclusively. Registration to become a member of the community is still open and is still free. Visit to become a member.

STEMGheeks can fill out the registration form to be considered for the scicomm grant. To apply you’ll need;

  • Personal details of 2 STEMGheeks who will be running the project
  • Name of the project and amount needed
  • Breakdown of project cost and timeline
  • Metrics to be measured to determine the success of the project

Most importantly you’ll need a team that pays attention to detail with great communication skills. The better you are at painting a picture of the need, impact and future of the project, the more confidence you’ll incite in the judges who’ll contact short listed members

GHScientific scicomm grant 2022

Application process for scicomm grant

Applications will be open from 6th June, 2022 to 30th June, 2022. Interested STEMGheeks should;

  • Ensure they’re registered as STEMGheeks by logging into the community portal on glueapp.
  • Complete the registration form by following this link
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 7 days after applications are closed
  • Candidates will be selected and grant amount awareded based on;
    • Feasibility of the project
    • Value of its contribution to society
    • Validity of cost breakdown
    • Longevity of the project

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