Here you will find answers to all questions relating to the SciFest 2024

Q: When and where is the SciFest 2024 Happening?

SciFest Accra is taking place on Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June at The Museum of Science and technology (Near UG Accra City Campus) from 10am to 4pm

Q: Who is organising the SciFest?

The SciFest is being organised by G.H.Scientific in partnership with the Museum of Science and Technology. The SciFest is also supported by The Ghana Neuroscience Society, The Ghana Science Association, The Ghana Young Academy and The Ghana STEM Network with StarrFM as media partners

Q: I am interested in partnering and sponsoring the SciFest. What should I do?

You can contact G.H.Scientific on 0501073889 via WhatsApp or Phone. Additionally you may also send an email to and someone will follow up.

Q: How much does it cost?

Individual tickets cost 30ghc. Family tickets cost 100ghc (covers 4 people). School tickets cost 25ghc per each student from the same school. Contact GHScientific via email or whatsapp to register your school and take advantage of the student discount.

Q: What does my ticket give me access to?

You get access to the fair grounds, entry to the career talks, a free tour of the museum, participation in all competitions and the opportunity to judge the science fair projects presented by students.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets via Egotickets both the Accra and Kumasi editions of Scifest 2024. Tickets will go on sale on 17th April.

Q: Is it free for children?

The SciFest is free for children aged below 10 years

Q: How can I exhibit at the SciFest?

Send an email to or contact GHScientific via whatsapp

Q: How can my school participate?

As a school you can participate in two ways. Firstly you can purchase a School ticket which admits your students at a discounted rate. Secondly, you can sign up to 5 students to join the exhibition corner during scifest 2024.

Attendance is free for students who are willing to represent their school in the exhibition corner of the festival

Q: Can schools exhibit science fair projects?

Yes, If you wish to exhibit a science fair project please complete this form. Exhibiting a science fair project comes with free entry for up to 5 team members of the project

Q: Is there a cost if my school exhibits a science fair project?

Exhibiting a science fair project comes at no cost and up to 5 members of the project team can get free entry into the fair

Q: Are there discounts available for large groups?

There are school discounts available, where each member of the group saves 5ghc on the ticket price. Tickets will go on sale on 17th April.

Q: What activities can I look forward to at the SciFest?

There will be 15+ organizations from various fields running activity stations that you can take part in. These will include brain themed experiments, space exploration and demonstrations. There’ll also be a selection of science experiments with robotics and drones, microscopes and telescopes in the form of games/challenges. Lastly there will be tours of the museum and scheduled talks form renowned scientists.

Q: Will there be snacks available at the SciFest?

There will be food and snacks for sale at the fair grounds from selected vendors.

Q: Will it be a fun experience?

Certainly! You can check out last year’s experience in a blogpost, pictures and a news report. You can also visit the official website for updates.

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