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5 Things Every Undergraduate Should Know

Matriculation, course registration, lecturers’ strikes, hall week, departmental celebrations, congregations- these are the events that characterised my undergraduate years. Every undergraduate should know thar over the four year period at the University of Ghana, there will be a mixture of good and bad experiences. Four years seemed long at the beginning but it passed swiftly, […]

Top tips for choosing a career before you go to a tertiary institute

One of the most crucial life decisions pertains to career path. With people spending eight hours or more daily at work, its not an easy decision to make. Often, this decision has to be taken just before tertiary education or immediately after. Here are a few things to consider in choosing a career. Self-assessment. Before […]

Is a certificate enough? 3 tips to become more employable as a graduate

Over the last few decades, education has become a key focus of development in many societies. Education has been associated with employment and employment rates in many societies. However, occurrences such as technological advancements, conflicts and political changes have had considerable influences on employment globally. This suggest that education alone does not account for one’s […]

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