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Fully Funded Scholarship + Living Cost+ Annual travel + One- off Equipment grant

MSc in Artificial Intelligence (FT)
MSc in Computer Science (FT)
MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (FT)
MSc Computer Games (FT)
Queen Mary University of London

The DeepMind Scholarship at Queen Mary University of London is a programme to support and encourage underrepresented groups to pursue postgraduate education in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Science. The scholarships are for female and/or black students as these students are currently underrepresented in these areas of study.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for a DeepMind Scholarship you must:

1. Be a UK or International student.

2. Identify as female and/or are of Black ethnicity – each being underrepresented groups in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

3. Have a confirmed offer to study on one of the following programmes in September 2023: MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Full Time), MSc Computer Science (Full Time), MSc Computer Games (Full Time), MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (Full Time), MSc Robotics (Full Time) at Queen Mary University of London.

Scholarship Summary

Host Country: UK

Category: Postgraduate Scholarships
Eligible Countries: African Countries

Benefits and Duration
Each DeepMind Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees, £12,250 (International fees – £28,950), a living allowance of £15,480, an annual £2,200 travel scholarship and a one-off equipment grant of £1,700.

To apply Visit:

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