Dear Ghanaian Educators,
The TEN conference is once again here. We invite you all to join us on Saturday, March 25th,
2023, at the Lincoln Community School in Abelemkpe, Accra
, to share ideas, learn new strategies
and interact with other educators at Lincoln Community School.

Our theme for this year’s conference is:
Belonging…Every Student Can Succeed When They Feel Connected

At the heart of the curriculum for primary and secondary schools in Ghana is the need for inclusive practices and creative teaching approaches that will drive the empowerment of

Research shows that feeling like you belong at school is linked to higher levels of student emotional and physical wellbeing and better academic performance and achievement.

Members of The Educators’ Network at Lincoln Community School are hoping to engage Ghanaian teachers in a variety of workshops across different subject disciplines.

Through the lens of belonging and inclusion, and driven by formative assessments, our goal is to nurture
students to be well-rounded independent problem solvers and creative thinkers.

As our custom, we chose a wax print name that speaks to our theme for this conference. We are inspired by the wax print design ‘Kwadu Sa’, or bunch of bananas . The visual of a bunch of fruit growing and thriving from a single branch depicts the importance of belonging in our schools and classrooms.

This year we are again offering whole-day workshops. They have been carefully designed to address core competencies that world-class learners are expected to develop, as outlined in the new GES curriculum. (See indicated alignments in the workshop details.)

Participants are reminded to sign up for one workshop only (see workshop descriptions for more detail), however as always, we would like you to choose one other option, in the event your first choice workshop is full.

Included in this packet is the following information:
● Workshop Descriptions
● Program Schedule
● Details on how to register and make payment

The Educators’ Network thanks all our partners and welcomes new participants to our 12th teachers’ conference. We hope that together we will continue to strive for excellence in our profession.

Please contact us should you need any further clarification on our conferences.

We look forward to seeing you all.

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