The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) has begun a project for the construction of another medical research centre for infectious disease.

The advanced medical research centre, being funded with a $20m grant from the Japanese government and implemented by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), will be completed within 18 months.

When completed, the new centre is expected to cater for the expanding research scope of the institute, which is a constituent of the College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana.

This was disclosed during a welcoming ceremony for delegates from the Tokyo Medical & Dental University (TMDU) to the institute as part of collaborative efforts between the two institutions of higher learning.

Ambassador Kaoru Yoshimura, Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, in his opening remarks said Japan and Ghana has come a long way in their economic corporation, with next year being the 60th anniversary.

Mr Yoshimura stated that within these years, the Japanese government has collaborated with many institutions, including NMIMR, which was established in memory of Dr Noguchi, the first Japanese medical researcher who conducted research in yellow fever in Ghana.

He said the institute has since lived up to expectation of being a centre of excellence in medical research, indicating that the construction of the new centre would propel the institute to greater level.

“Noguchi has been the pivot of good relation between Ghana and Japan,” he said.

Prof Ebenezer O. Owusu, Vice Chancellor of the University Of Ghana, giving the keynote address, mentioned that the burden of infectious disease coupled with drug resistant pathogens has raised the importance of institutions like Noguchi in the sub-region.

He said since its inception, Noguchi has conducted research into various infectious and contagious diseases and hopes the new research centre which will consist of the state-of-the-art equipment would propel the institute to greater research levels in the sub-region and beyond.

In his remarks as chairperson for the ceremony, Rev Prof P. F. Ayeh-Kumi, Provost of the College of Health Sciences, recounted the longstanding relationship between NMIMR and TMDU.

He said through the support of TMDU, researchers of the institute have had the opportunity of improving their skills in Tokyo.

Rev Prof Ayeh-Kumi said the over two decade relationship has yielded significant benefit to the institute in terms of infrastructure development and was, therefore, pleased to have had a delegation from one of the universities visiting the institute.

Prof Kwadwo Koram, Director of NMIMR, took the delegates on a tour of the institute.

Source: Modern Ghana

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