OpenAQ (, with support from the Godley Family Foundation and Radiant.Earth, will hold an air inequality workshop in Accra, Ghana May 18-19 at ImpactHub and convene approximately 25 members of the Ghanaian tech, science, policy and media sectors.

Globally, 1 out of 8 deaths are attributable to air pollution, according to the World Health Organization. Yet, there is a huge access gap between the incredible amount of public air quality data released all over the world and the people who could be doing amazing things with it, from science to journalism to policy.

OpenAQ is a new platform and community that aggregates air quality data from across the world and makes both real-time and historical data easily accessible. The Accra OpenAQ Workshop is an opportunity for local tech, science, policy and media sectors to interact with each other, the global OpenAQ community and the platform to find new ways to use open data and one another to benefit Accra, Ghana and communities across the globe that face air pollution issues.

Previous outputs from the OpenAQ Community and workshops in Bosnia, India and Mongolia have included a policy-oriented scientific study on pollution sources, media articles utilizing open data, a joint science and policy commentary, development of apps, and open-source

Follow the workshop on Twitter: #AccraOpenAQ.

General FAQs on OpenAQ are available here:

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