The Ghana Science and Tech Explorer Challenge Prize (GSTEP) excites, encourages and supports Junior High School (JHS) students (11-16) and teachers in Ghana to develop practical Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) skills and products that benefit local communities.

For Ghana to truly thrive, a community must awaken and support the development of our future leaders. GSTEP is inspiring and empowering the next generation of inventors, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in Ghana.

DEXT TECHNOLOGY is looking for individuals who can serve as technical coaches for JHS innovation teams participating in the GSTEP 2023 Challenge.

The coach should:
1. Have an engineering background (students are welcome as well)

2. Highly technical in his or her approach to innovation

3. Understands the innovation process and has experience in building innovation.

4. Strong desire to learn and acquire STEM skills.

Closing date is Friday, 14th April 2023

Apply here:

For more information about GSTEP visit


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