The National Science and Maths Quiz mistress, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann has launched a not-for-profit foundation to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in Ghana.

The foundation, Elsie Effah Kaufmann Foundation (EEKF), seeks to help bridge the current deficit in STEM related programmes in Ghana by providing the necessary tools needed for a thorough and practical study of the subjects.

The EEKF would also provide training for science teachers to better equip them for the teaching of the subject in a way that would inspire the students to further in the courses.

The event, which took place in Accra Wednesday (July 27, 2022), saw representatives from various Science institutions in the country.

Representatives from the United States Embassy, the West African Examination Council (WAEC), GhanaThink, the National Teaching Council and other prominent institutions in the country were also present.

The General Manager of Citi FM, Bernard Avle, chairing the event, noted that Ghana has a lead on many countries due to the National Science and Maths Quiz initiative.

He added that some advanced countries do not organise such programmes on national television.

“We have an advantage over many countries and as I said earlier not many countries have a National Quiz Programme that channels the energy of young people in such a powerful way.” he said, adding that the foundation would go a long way to increase STEM coverage in the country, especially among the basic schools.


The Inspector-General of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority, Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu, stated that her office was ever ready to collaborate with the EEKF to promote STEM education in the country.

“There are many interesting and fertile grounds to cover and the authority is ever ready to collaborate with STEM practitioners and enthusiasts like Dr Kauffman,” she said.

Dr Ampadu also mentioned that her office placed premium in the teaching of Science and Mathematics whenever they go on their rounds.

“Concerning the authority’s role in STEM promotion, our inspectors are specifically tasked to place premium on the keen observation of Mathematics and Science lessons in classrooms,” she said.

Hands on experiment

At the launch, Prof Effah Kaufmann took her guests through a practical lesson of bringing science down to the level of the ordinary person with a demonstration on producing power.

She took the guests through a simple way of generating power, explaining that from such basic levels, the interest was generated and built upon to complicated levels as learning advanced.

Using plastic casing, copper nails and zinc wires, salt and a ball of banku, guests were taught how to power a light bulb.

Participants built a plastic battery and used copper nails and zinc wires, together with banku and salt to light up the bulb


After the solidarity speeches and exciting experiment, the special guests joined Prof Effah Kaufmann to launch the Foundation.


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