Do you live in Accra and you are planning to study abroad!

Good news is here again, you are invited to the Accra International Education Fair –  AFRICA’S BIGGEST STUDY ABROAD EXPO 2023



Come and meet face to face with various leading universities, colleges & boarding schools from top study abroad destinations, from Canada, UK, USA, France, Germany and many other countries – all under one roof. It has become a meeting point for universities and students who want to put their study abroad ambitions into action.

Come and interact directly with university representatives in person, get in-depth information about their programs, degrees, admission requirements, application process, tuition fees, visa support, scholarships, and others

Who can attend the Expo?

Anyone interested in studying abroad! Students, parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

Registration and attendance is free

1. One on One Counselling: Meet representatives of your dream school, ask all the relevant questions and get instant answers at the Fair.

2. Scholarship Opportunities: Get as much as 30% scholarship and tuition cuts to study at some of the best boarding schools, Colleges and universities across the world

3. On-the-Spot Admission: Get admitted on the spot into any of the participating boarding schools, Colleges and universities when you satisfy the admission requirements

4. Free Application to Institutions of your Choice: You can apply to any institution at the fair for FREE. This would save you a lot on processing fees

5. Post Study Opportunities: The Fair presents you with access to post-study opportunities should you decide to remain after your studies.

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