Designing Experiences in Web 3.0 environments: a Design Thinking perspective

Date and time

Fri, July 22, 2022

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT


Impact Hub Accra – 1AAP

F 393/4 Otswe, Osu Ako-Adjei

Accra, Greater Accra Region 0000

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About this event
Design Thinking Ghana Conference has over the years impacted a wealth of knowledge and positively affected the problem-solving skills of its audience in the advent of new media and technology, emergency situations and times of adversity through mini-workshops, educational activities, design charrettes and networking activities.

The internet and the World Wide Web technology represent two of the most disruptive innovations ever created, used and experienced by humans. Its invention virtually shrunk the world from a surface area of 510 million km2 to fit on a 40 centimeters screen of a computer. Most remarkably it changed the way humans relate, interact and communicate. Since its inception in the 80’s, internet and web technology have evolved from simple communication tools to ever increasing complex platforms for humans to interact, create products and services and offer a wider continuum of experiences.

From Web 1.0 which facilitated basic emailing, ecommerce and simple gaming programmes and digital products, the world has moved on towards Web 3.0 and probably beyond. Today the web and internet technology represent more than emailing. They present practical opportunities for almost every sector or industry one can imagine. A combination of hardware and software have ensured that humans can communicate at the speed of thought, create products far cheaper, mobilize resources and people far quicker and create experiences equally immersive as a physical presence may offer. If there were any doubts to this, Covid19 laid bare the enormous power of the internet and web technologies.

New buzz products and services such as NFTs, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain are manifestations of Web 3.0. The introduction of the Metaverse by Facebook beckons a new horizon of Virtual Living. As much as these innovations have generated excitement, so has there been equal measure of fear, suspicion and mistrust by humans about these innovations. Other issues such as cultural clash and assimilation, digital malaise and lost productivity are taking center stage as the unwanted part of Web 3.0.

How might we create a Web 3.0 that truly caters to the human need of security, esteem and fulfillment? How might we avoid a situation where humans rebel and reject their own creation because they fear losing themselves in their own innovations?

This is what this years conference will seek to address under the theme: Designing Experiences in Web 3.0 environments: a Design Thinking perspective. We will be drawing on the design thinking process to offer perspectives and insights on how humans can create products, services and experiences that contribute to quality meaningful lives for their users.


Kofi Gyamfi, Regional Strategic Sourcing Planner at Unilever, One Young World Ambassador, Design Thinking Facilitator and Project Associate at Design Thinking Ghana Hub. LinkedIn:

Eugene Eluerkeh, Bilingual business professional, with a demonstrated history of working in the shipping & logistics, oil & energy and retail sector. Hands-on experience working in large corporates and with start-ups and SMEs. Skilled & experienced in Design Thinking & Innovation, General Business Management, Projects, Operations, Team Management, Marketing, Market Research, Sales and Business Development. Entrepreneurial, commercially minded, people-centered and results-driven professional. LinkedIn:


Dario Bianchi is an Executive with more than 15 years experience in Marketing and Digital Transfomration across multiple countries in Europe, Central America and Africa. He is passionate about driving digital products and projects towards Digital Transformation. He has led teams to develop new digital products, e-commerce solutions and content partnerships, while at the same time moved organizations to an Agile way of working. LinkedIn:

Shirley Nzeh LL.B (Hons), Prof.PGDip (GRC) is a Management Consultant and Technology Entrepreneur with a background in Law, Banking and Risk. Shirley is owner of a best-selling trademarked brand on Amazon which services six European markets, including the United Kingdom, France & Italy. She is also the founder of Web 3.0 Africa, which connects and educates people and organisations about Web 3 and the Metaverse. LinkedIn:

Dr. Gordon Adomdza, Associate Professor of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship at the Business Administration Department Ashesi University; Founding Lead, Ashesi Design Lab; Co-Founder, Design Thinking Ghana hub. LinkedIn:


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