January 20, 2018

Apps That Enhance Life In Ghana

March 30, 2015 Mabel Blankson

There are several applications that exist in recent times with more being developed at a rapid pace. These apps which are mainly web and mobile phone applications can most commonly be found on platforms such […]


How To Keep New Year Resolutions

March 30, 2015 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

The first 31 days of every year is characterised by two things worldwide; an increase in gym memberships and a fall in tobacco/alcohol sales. This worldwide phenomenon boils down to our love of fresh starts […]


Dying To Be On The Lighter Side

March 30, 2015 Kwabena Agyare

A left-right combination of hooks by Smith Odoom opened a deep cut on Percy Oblitei Commey’s right cheek in the early minutes of the fourth round in a West Africa and National Super featherweight Championship […]


Life As A Material Scientist

March 29, 2015 Eric Asare

I recently attended one of the post graduate socialising events for PhD students in my university and had an interesting debate/conversation with a medical student. We started talking about ebola and when I stressed the […]


Measuring The Immeasurable

March 29, 2015 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

I had never been a fun of non-fictional books but as the years went by I found myself picking up more books that fall under this category and finding them an enjoyable read. Most of […]


Mental Health And You

March 29, 2015 Kwabena Agyare

First published on graphiconline.com Scenario One: They wear tattered clothes and walk barefooted. They have disorganized speech, erratically switching topics. They seem to see, hear and feel things that are not present. They may even […]

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