The startup ecosystem in Ghana is growing with investors gaining interest in sectors such as the health tech. We at African Entrepreneurship Hub will take you through the most exciting startups that are bringing innovation into the health space in Ghana. Here are a list of startups rethinking how we can use technology to improve health delivery.


Health tech startup: mPharma

mPharma is a prescription management platform that provides mobile and web-based platforms that allow healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance companies to make medicines accessible and affordable to the patients. 

They’ve managed to build a health tech platform which increases patient access to high-quality medications. mPharma partners with drug manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and governments to deliver prescription drugs directly to consumers in emerging markets. They provide doctors, patients, and pharmacists access to a network of high-quality chronic disease medicine at sustainable prices.

Founded in 2013 the startup has gone to raise USD 52M from investors such as Skoll, 4DX Ventures, Novastar Ventures and 14 Other Investors. The company was founded by Gregory Rockson (CEO), Daniel Shoukimas (CPO), and James Finucane (CTO).

Bisa Health

Bisa is a mobile application that allows users with an Android ,iPhone or Windows phone to directly interact with medical practitioners without being physically present at the hospital. The app allows people skip the long ques they will face when visiting hospitals in Ghana and prevent people with STDs from been stigmatized. Founded in 2014 Bisa has scale operations to Senegal, its mobile app downloaded 417,352 times answered over 234,879 questions from the public with an average response rate of 48 hours.


“HEWALE” is a complete healthcare management system that covers all aspects of the Hospital and Patient Management which comprises of Hospital Management System (HMS) and Virtual Private Healthcare called “HEWALE” Social Health System. Founded in 2017 HEWALE app has been downloaded 3142 times, served 2070 patients, and currently has 2133 active accounts.


Redbird is a health tech company offering convenient health monitoring for patients with chronic disease. Redbird supplies pharmacies with everything they need to offer rapid diagnostic services for chronic disease, helping them to solve this need by establishing them as the most convenient place for patients to manage their health. Redbird was founded by Andrew Quao and Patrick Beattie in 2018. The startup has raised a total of $537,000 in funding, partnered with over 300 pharmacies, registered over 30,000 patients, and giver over 200,000 health insights.


minoHealth is a multifaceted system that combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data/Data Analysis and Cloud Computing in order to optimise processes involved in Healthcare and also make them affordable and scalable compared to the current practices especially in Africa. minoHealth uses Artificial Intelligence to make Health Forecasts, Diagnoses and Prognoses, and organises and stores Patient Health Records in the cloud with ‘Hospital Portal’ for authorised healthcare personnels. All Data collected is intelligently organised with ‘Big Data’ approaches and technologies, they are continually analysed so important health information/stats on health center patients are visualised and made available to physicians.

Health Direct Global

Health Direct Global provides a multi-sided platform that leverages A.I and biometric-based Electronic Health Records to match users to Health Service Providers in real-time and a blockchain-based payments infrastructure to provide alternative healthcare financing for urban, peri-urban and people at the bottom of the pyramid.


Medoc is a digital health mobile app where you can find doctors, book appointments, order medicines and more in your comfort zone to reduce the mortality rate and also streamline interaction between health professionals and clients. We position Medoc as an all-in-one healthcare choice for masses.


MyDocGh is an online platform that breaks the barrier of healthcare accessibility by connecting health professionals and specialists to its potential clientele through a mobile platform.

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