It all started as a dream. Two lecturers from Legon campus of the university of Ghana sought to create awareness of past and present developments in science and technology within Ghana. After their proposal was received positively by the then President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Museum of Science and Technology was established in 1963 and opened to the public in 1965.

The museum of science and technology has since had its ups and downs. Its decline has been a result of many factors including limited funding and low patronage. It left many with an interest in the history of the country’s progress wondering if the museum will ever see its halls bursting with activity and excitement like it did in its early days.

Under the auspices of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board and the National Commission on Culture, with the leadership of Mrs. Akosua Saah Buckman (Executive Director at the Museum of Science and Technology), the museum has yet to see its end. With a reopening of its doors, display of amazing exhibits to take you through time and plans for interactive activities over the weekend, the museum seems to be taking on new life.

The rise and fall of the museum 

With the forceful change in government over the years, low funding, poor maintenance and even poorer management, the Museum of science and technology has seen its doors shut, relocated, renovated, and now reopened to the public. This reopening happened on 15th February 2022 at its current location, close to the University of Ghana city campus, Accra.

The reopening ceremony saw many dignitaries and persons of renown in attendance. This included the Head of cultural and cooperation at the French embassy who supported the museum as part of their Sankofa project. In attendance were also representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and representatives from the Bureau of Languages.

Staying true to the heart with which it was first established, the museum of science and technology seeks to create an awareness of the country’s progress through time, through the lens of science, technology, and innovation. The ceremony took participants through the museum which has now been divided into 4 sections; communication, multimedia, biology and automotive which includes space travel.

The wonderous history within the Museum of Science and Technology

A live demonstration of human anatomy and how food and other liquids move true the body would be the highlight of the biology section of the museum if not for the upper jawbone of a sperm whale which washed up on the shores of Ghana in 1998. 

Moving on from the biology section of the museum, the other 3 sections; communication multimedia and automotive, felt like a walk through a time. From the telephone switch board; to the first camera used in the first tv broadcast by the Ghana broadcasting corporation; to the inner workings of the car engine; and a video documentary talking about how changes in human travel has affected life in Ghana. Pieces from the Evolution of Science Exhibition were also donated by GHScientific and form part of the exhibition (You can view the full exhibition here) . The exhibit was equal parts awe-inspiring, educative and at times, perplexing to say the least.

Museum curator giving guests a tour

The museum of Science and Technology is open Monday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm. The museum is a serene place for a day out with the kids or perhaps a date with a significant other after a meal. Be on the look out for activity sessions that are scheduled to also be hosted in the space. Be sure to pass through and take a few pictures, let people know the museum is alive and here to stay.

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