March 17, 2018

Volunteering With GhScientific At The UG Careers Fair

March 5, 2017 Gloria Osei

The 3-day Career Fair organized by the University of Ghana Career Counselling and Placement Centre brought together different companies. On offer were products and services including internships, national service placements, volunteering opportunities and curriculum vitae […]

Photo Credit: Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation

Staggering Journey to Gender Equality in STEM

August 1, 2016 Raymond Taaku

STEM is an acronym for four specific disciplines-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In recent years, STEM has gained focal attention because specific innovations have come from individuals and groups engaged in one or more of […]


A Vision of Nanoscience: Pt 2 – Health & Life

March 30, 2016 Jacob Amanor

Catch up with the first part of this article, A vision of nanoscience: pt1 – production Nanoscience is a horizontal-integrating interdisciplinary science that cuts across all sciences and engineering disciplines. Nanoscience integrates many facets of […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-10th Oct

October 10, 2015 Editor

How environmental memories may be transmitted from a father to child In recent years, scientists have shown that, before his offspring are even conceived, a father’s life experiences involving food, drugs, exposure to toxic products […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-3rd Oct

October 4, 2015 Editor

Plastic-Eating Mealworms Could Help Reduce Landfill Waste Mealworms could be the natural trash-disposers we need to battle the scourge of plastic polluting our planet. The study, published in Environmental Science and Technology, is the first […]

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