Transitioning into the job market after school can be a tedious task to undergo for many people. It even becomes more difficult if the individual is inept of certain skills and abilities that make them fit for a particular job position. It leaves the question, “what are the soft skills for today’s youth?”. Aside having the right skills however, there is the need to build on one’s competency – how and when the skills ought to be applied. These among many others are some tips shared during last weekend’s event.
The July edition of “Let’s Talk about it” featured a refined multi-award winning youth development champion and tech entrepreneurial ecosystem developer by name Mr. Daniel Owusu.
The event, organized by GhScientific was nothing short of insightful and educative. Speaking on the theme, “Soft skills for today’s youth,” Mr. Owusu gave salient points that spoke to the issue of the day.
His presentation which was well organized and carried out, touched on the essential elements of soft skills (also known as core or common skills) – he unraveled the underlying issues that were crucial to the job market.
In doing so, he brought to fore the disparities between an individual’s strength, skill and talent. These three keywords were differentiated and well defined accordingly – their role in one’s career path were elaborated. He made the audience understand how these individual factors affected a person’s work output.
In effect, the ability for a person to acknowledge and balance their strength, skills and ability will not only enable them make the right career choices; but also contribute to how they relate with others at the workplace.
That aside, a key term that was probably the take away phrase of the night for everyone was introduced – “The Johari window model.” This model encompasses the opinions held about oneself and also by others. In essence, “what you do is not the same as who you are.”
So hey, the next time you decide on applying for that job, or eventually say “Yes” to that acceptance letter, you would want to assess yourself very well on the various attributes that make you competent for the position.
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