A Ghanaian-owned company, Pharmatech Solutions Limited, with a strategic focus on designing technological solutions to enhance efficiency within the healthcare industry is set to launch a user-friendly medicine prescription labeling machine called Approved Label Printer in Ghana.

According to the Ghanaian founders of the company, Pharmacists Hayford Nkansah Brako and Isaac Nkrumah, the frequency of reports of poor, sloppy and illegible hand-written prescriptions and their associated risks of harm to patients were at the root of developing Approved Label Printer to eliminate the recurrence of human dispensing errors in prescriptions of medicines.

The Printer works with a specialized Pernicol App which has more than ten thousand (10,000) medicine templates pre-programmed and verified using the approved reference materials for usage by pharmacists.

Pernicol App, which is the first of its kind in Africa, has drug information made easier for patients. For the first time, patients get to know how the drug can be used, how much of it must be taken and its side effects among others.

The founders believe that this digital system of prescription would ensure efficiency, predictability and accuracy and would revolutionize the entire health system, within the Ghanaian setting and beyond its borders.

A test trial program of Pernicol App and Approved Label Printers distributed across one hundred health facilities and assessed over a six (6) month period, showed outstanding results. Pharmacists at all the health facilities sampled gave beautiful accounts of efficiency and ease of usage. Some notable health facilities currently using the printers include Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital’s 24 Hour Pharmacy, 37 Hospital Chemists and Lister Hospital among others.

The Approved Label Printer will be officially launched during the 2022 Annual General meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana slated for Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September at Tamale.


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