Ghana is on course to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target of universal energy access by 2030, an official said late Monday.

Robert Mawuko Sogbadji, a director at Ghana’s Ministry of Energy, told Xinhua during the announcement of nominees for the 2023 edition of the Think Energy SDGs Awards for Africa.

“At the moment, we have achieved 88.7 percent energy access nationwide, which is significant with regards to achieving the SDGs target, which is the universal access to energy by 2030,” Sogbadji said. “We are on course to increase access to 90 percent by 2024 and should be hitting 99 percent by 2030. So with the SDGs, we would have created universal access to energy.”

Sogbadji, also a nuclear and alternative energy expert, said the next step for the country is to create the kind of energy mix that will make energy affordable to all consumers.

According to him, Ghana has put in place a wide range of policies, including a sustainable renewable energy program to achieve the target.

The official assured the public that the ministry will do its utmost to ensure energy affordability, which is key to expanding access and sustainability.


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