Science and Technology (S&T) are key ingredients to societal growth and development.

This is not far-fetched, because the yawning gap(s) between affluent and poor countries across the globe are largely attributable to the considerable differentials in their pointers.

Science entails the active acquisition of knowledge through curiosity, observation, experimentation and fact-searching expedition.

Technology complements by operationalising it in practical sense(s).

This is a clear symbolic symbiotic interaction between the two.

The UK and France can be said to have benefited immensely from their industrial era in the 19th century.

Similarly, the USA emerged from a typical agrarian economy in that century into an admirable industrial superpower in the 20th century.

From another dimension, Taiwan and (South) Korea registered great strides in micro-electronics technology from the early 1960s.

China, Malaysia, Singapore and India have also emerged as global giants in Manufacturing and Information Communication Technology (M&ICT).

Local situation of Science in Ghana

Our Ghanaian national efforts at enhancing the study and purposeful application of S&T have been quite appreciable, even though there is still more space for betterment.

On the academic front, faculties and departments in our major universities and polytechnics have consistently metamorphosed into huge colleges and reputable scientific and medical teaching and research institutes over the years.

From the industry viewpoint, the establishment of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-cum its specialised bodies have been quite exemplary.

(The CSIR was established by NLCD 293 (1968) amended by NLCD 329 (1969) and re-established by CSIR Act 521 [1996]).

The Council’s history dates back to the erstwhile National Research Council (NRC, 1958), which was to organise and coordinate scientific research.


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