The head of virology at the University of Ghana’s Department of Medical Microbiology, the Rev. Professor Kwamena Sagoe, has been appointed co-chair of the Anglican Communion Science Commission. The commission was established in 2021 to bring together scientists, theologians and church leaders from around the world. It was formally launched at the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops last year.

Sagoe has been a commissioner since the inception of the science commission in 2021. He will serve as co-chair alongside the Church of England’s Bishop of Oxford, the Rt. Rev. Steven Croft.

Sagoe is a priest in the Church of the Province of West Africa and associate professor of molecular and public health virology at the University of Ghana’s Department of Medical Microbiology.

His research interests include genetic variability and implications for viral function, vaccine development and therapeutics, and blood-borne viruses.

Commenting on the appointment, the Anglican Communion Secretary General Anthony Poggo, said: “As a scientist and a priest, Professor Sagoe personifies one of the objectives of the ACSC – to strengthen the links between faith and science. I welcome his appointment as co-chair of the ACSC and I am sure he will continue to make a positive contribution to the work of the commission.”

Sagoe said: “Technological advancement, environmental degradation, climate change, and several other issues have made it paramount for the Church to actively address issues related to the nexus between science and faith.”

Croft said: “Professor Sagoe is a distinguished scientist who also brings the perspective of the global South. It is very important for the Commission to work contextually and locally in different regions of the world. I am delighted about Professor Sagoe’s appointment and look forward to the three regional conferences for provincial lead bishops in the coming year.”


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