Alice Mamaga Amoako is a young Ghanaian Digital Social Entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to make the world a better place for children with Autism. She is the project leader for the Autism Aid App Project, Ghana’s and West Africa’s first mobile phone application for Autism. Her impact story on the Autism Aid App and her Autism initiative has received worldwide attention, including coverage in the UK national daily The Guardian, Power FM in South Africa, and an award from the Autism Society of West Africa.

Alice’s mother encouraged her to join a youth radio program called “curious minds” when she was 13 years old in order to expand her knowledge and contribute to community development initiatives. Alice graduated from Ghana Telecom University College with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree in 2015.

Alice Amoako, Ghanaian social entrepreneur

Alice Mamaga Amoako, Autism Ambassadors Ghana

Alice  Amoako launched the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana , a non-governmental organization that brings together experts and volunteers to raise autism awareness and to use technology to enhance the lives of children with autism. 

In 2014, Alice won the Tigo Digital Change-Makers award with Solomon Avemegah and was signed on as a Social Ambassador for Reach For Change International. Alice was also named a Young Achiever by Coca-Cola Ghana in 2017 as part of Ghana’s 60th anniversary celebrations, and represented Ghana in the 2016 Global Social Hackathon in Sweden. She was also awarded as one of the three winners of the 2019 Start upper of the year by Total Ghana and  was named the national and continental winner of the mYouth challenge by the European Union, Mediainfo and iSpace foundation in 2018.

Alice Mamaga Akosua Amoako is a firm believer in a future in which Ghana and Africa would have strong social institutions and sufficient resources to enable children with Autism and other impairments live better lives. She continues to contribute to Ghana’s Stem field through tech and her passion for children with special needs. 

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