This year’s Africa Open Science Hardware summit is being held under the theme: Exploring the Frontiers of Open Science Hardware in Africa. The summit will be held in Accra, Ghana between the 21st and 22nd of November.

Deadline for applications is on the 25 October, 2023. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. Apply here

The two-day program is a platform to continue conversations that were initiated in the previous summits. It will also welcome new members and assess collaborations and projects of members from the Africa Open Science Hardware community through presentations, co-creation sessions, breakout sessions, panel discussions and workshops. It is a medium to continue conversations about the progress of the Africa OSH community and future that we envisions as a community.

This year’s Summit will delve into the foundations of open science hardware in Africa, addressing the various frontiers of open science hardware in Africa. The expectation of this year’s summit is to discuss the endeavor of pushing the boundaries and advancing open science hardware within the context of the African continent. This would involve various activities and initiatives aimed at fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in open science hardware.

Exploring how open science hardware has evolved throughout Africa since the first Africa open science hardware Summit in 2018 at Kumasi Hive in Kumasi – Ghana, discussing the opportunities offered by open science hardware for the African continent, identifying the stakeholders relevant to facilitate the widespread adoption of open science hardware in Africa, discussing the challenges of open science hardware in Africa and also possible solutions and also analyzing how far Africa has come in terms of working towards the Global Open Science Hardware (GOSH) Roadmap objectives developed in 2017.

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