September 26, 2018

Week In STEM – 26th April

Study Links Brain Anatomy, Academic Achievement and Family Income

Many years of research have shown that for students from lower-income families, standardized test scores and other measures of academic success tend to lag behind those of wealthier students. Now researchers from researchers at MIT and Harvard University have offered another dimension to this so-called “achievement gap”. After imaging the brains of high- and low-income students, they found that the higher-income students had thicker cortex in areas associated with visual perception and knowledge accumulation. The researchers provide evidence suggesting that there’s a real cost to not living in a supportive environment.

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University of Ghana Joins Worldwide Universities Network

The University of Ghana has been signed on to the global network of the Worldwide Universities Network.

The move is seen as a unique opportunity for the University of Ghana to work on major global and local development challenges using the collective skills of some of the world’s best researchers.

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Getting R&D Findings Into Policy

There is a growing concern that although billions of dollars are invested in university research, much of it is not applied into policymaking. A recent symposium in Uganda looked at how to use evidence-based R&D for policymaking. The symposium brought together representatives from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, UNESCO, Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA), Government officials and researchers amongst others. The meeting revealed ways which Universities can be supported to help solve questions relevant to policies.

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 One Year Into The Ebola Epidemic

A year on following the start of the Ebola epidemic there have been many lessons learnt which are sure to change the way health organisations and country health officials approach epidemics. Ghana continues to be Ebola conscious despite the fact that not a single case has been reported. The WHO has also published a series of reports that take an indepth look into the epidemic.

Other reports have taken to updating epidemiological findings for record keeping purposes in the worst hit countries and Oxfam maintains that the over emphasis on an almost exclusive medical approach at the start of the Ebola crisis hampered progress against the disease.

Low-Cost Serviced X-Ray

A prototype of a low-cost X-ray machine designed for hospitals in developing countries has been unveiled in Switzerland.
The GlobalDiagnostiX device, which will cost around US$50,000, was developed at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EFPL). This total includes maintenance costs for ten years, making it around ten times cheaper than conventional X-ray machines over a decade of use and helping to ensure the device remains operational.

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GhanaHealthNest wins Best Blog at awards ceremony

Ghanahealthnest, a blog focussed on informing about health related news in Ghana and beyond picked up the top prize at this years awards Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards. The Founder Kobby Blay in receiving the awards expressed his pleasure at the uptake of health related news and awareness stressing on its importance to effectively use social media for good.

Other wins on the night

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