April 23, 2018
International Science News

Week In STEM-1 Aug

August 2, 2015 Editor

Lab_13 Ghana Celebration Lab_ 13, a space dedicated to practical experimentation and hands on learning, is aiming to change the way science is taught in schools, starting with the Bosomtwe District. Students and teachers will, […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-25th July

July 24, 2015 Editor

Kepler Telescope discover Earth 2.0 For the first time, scientists have found what appears to be a rocky world orbiting a Sun-like star at almost exactly the same distance that Earth orbits our own Sun. While […]


A Day with Planet Earth (part 1)

July 24, 2015 Hephzi Angela

The Planet Earth Institute on Tuesday 21st July organised a Science in Africa themed Unconference at the prestigious design and communications college, Ravensbourne in London. As terrible as I can be with navigating my way, […]


Young Citizens, Great Minds

July 11, 2015 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

“….to bring together bright minds to share ideas focused on a wide-range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder”. That was the line that got me hooked when I received an email from Kelvin […]

International Science News

Week In STEM – 30th May

May 31, 2015 Editor

Brian to computer uploads? People could “live inside a machine” by turning their brain into a program code once a computer capable of recreating some 100 trillion connections is built. “People could probably live inside a […]


GhS meets RAWG

May 13, 2015 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

We met up with Harriet Abbey of the Research Academies for Women – Ghana (RAWG) to talk about the good work this rather young organisation is already doing in the country. RAWG provides research experience for female […]


Manufacturing & The Economy

May 9, 2015 Amega Komla

MANUFACTURING AND THE ECONOMY Economic activities are grouped into primary, secondary and tertiary activities. The primary activities are those involved in direct exploitation of resources in the environment such as farming, fishing, lumbering and hunting. […]

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