August 17, 2018

STEM News – 2nd April

Hydrogen-fueled drone taken for test run

A drone aircraft taking off from an airport in Scotland earlier this year for a 10-minute test run at 200 feet and then making a successful landing may not seem like a big deal but the power system on this one has made it newsworthy.

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How the brain processes emotions

A new study reveals how two populations of neurons in the brain contribute to the brain’s inability to correctly assign emotional associations to events. Learning how this information is routed and misrouted could shed light on mental illnesses including depression, addiction, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Uncertainty can cause more stress than inevitable pain

knowing that there is a small chance of getting a painful electric shock can lead to significantly more stress than knowing that you will definitely be shocked. A new study found that situations in which subjects had a 50 percent chance of receiving a shock were the most stressful while 0 percent and 100 percent chances were the least stressful. People whose stress levels tracked uncertainty more closely were better at guessing whether or not they would receive a shock, suggesting that stress may inform judgments of risk.

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These window blinds control light on their own

Smart objects in the home have been well publicized, from prototype to product stage. We hardly register surprise at the thought of doors that open and close and lights that turn on and off all on their own.

The enterprising San Francisco-based FlipFlic team now want you to entertain the thought of how convenient and helpful it would be if your window blinds were smart too, in using their device.

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A new type of metal to make nuclear reactors stronger and safer

An international team of researchers has developed a new type of metal alloythat could make nuclear reactors safer and more stable in the long term. The new material is stronger and lasts longer than steel – the metal of choice for current nuclear reactors.

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Rage Disorder Linked with Parasite Found in Cat Feces

Uncontrollable, explosive bouts of anger such a road rage might be the result of an earlier brain infection from the toxoplasmosis parasite, an organism found in cat feces.

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Phase-3 drug trial for refractory rheumatoid arthritis succeeds

A new drug appears to help people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, but eventually stop benefitting from the use of the current top treatment: injectable, bioengineered proteins that interfere with the action of a powerful inflammatory substance.

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Handheld surgical ‘pen’ prints human stem cells

In a landmark proof-of-concept experiment, researchers have used a handheld 3-D printing pen to ‘draw’ human stem cells in free-form patterns with extremely high survival rates.

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Simple blood test can detect evidence of concussions up to a week after injury

Researchers detected evidence of concussions in patients up to 7 days after their injury using a simple blood test — which could greatly expand the window for diagnosing concussions, especially in patients who experience a delayed onset of symptoms.

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New flu vaccine protects against multiple strains including H1N1

Researchers have announced the development of a vaccine that protects against multiple strains of both seasonal and pandemic H1N1 influenza in mouse models.

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