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GhScientific is building a community of persons with an interest in Science, Tecnnology, Engineering and Maths. GhScientific membership is open to all from the most renowned professor to the youngest student and the average person who has a general curiosity; there is something for everywhere. Best of all, its FREE

Some membership benefits include:

  • Discounts on GhScientific services and workshops (See full list of services)
  • Opportunity to apply for Travel grants
  • Opportunity to apply for Conference grants
  • Priority list for GhScientific related events
  • Internship and volunteer experience opportunities
  • Reseacrh and workplace experience opportunities
  • Closed networking opportunities

You are about to join a STEM community the likes of which you have never seen.  Every information requested is important to help us provide you a quality service, so go ahead, don’t be shy, complete the form below.

You will receive a welcome pack fully detailing what it means to be a member of the premier STEM network.

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