November 20, 2018

Meet The Team

The GhScientific team is a small one which runs a tight shift; searching all over to bring you the latest news, events and opportunities, projects and informative blogs.  The team consists of individuals with diverse skills allowing us to do what we do.


Hephzi Angela (CEO) is a research scientist with  several years experience across various sectors including the University of CambridgeSense about Science and Abbott. She has a degree in Biomedical Science, masters in Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies and is currently studying for a PhD at the University College London Great Ormon Street Institute of Child Health.

Outside the Lab, Hephzi spends her time doing outreach and engaging the public with science through various events and activities. She was awarded the  2016 science communicator of the year by the Royal Society of Biology and  is a celebrated Airtel STEM Champion. She is also the chapter lead for Science Grrls in Essex, UK.

Hephzi is a featured writer and member of the Association of British Science Writers. She blogs at and tweets @hanat_akordor.

Dr. Thomas Tagoe (COO) is a published author, a neuroscientist and a keen science communicator. He holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Leicester and has presented at multiple local, national and international conferences including giving a TEDx talk.

Thomas is not only interested in practical research but appreciates the importance of keeping the general public informed about cutting edge scientific progress. He has also been involved in science education at the Junior High School level.

Thomas holds to the ideology that Science and Christianity are two sides of the same coin and is widely read in both fields.He is a sportsman, a music lover and a passionate poet. He tweets @Tom_DAT

Robert (Projects Director) is a highly experienced project manager with a background in aerospace engineering and business management consultancy.

He comes onboard as Director of Projects with an MSc in Project Management and is a certified Prince2 practitioner.  Robert is a firm believer in corporate social responsibility and that both individuals and corporations alike can give back to their communities through right sized collaborative projects. He has a passion for music, mentoring and empowering youth and is a teacher of sound biblical principles.

Isaac Kudu (STEM Activities Coordinator) is an environmental scientist with the Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Research Centre of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. He is convinced that STEM holds the key to fully harness the enormous natural resources Ghana is endowed with to solve the numerous economic and developmental challenges plaguing the country.

Isaac believes GhScientific to be an avenue to engage with students who are the nation’s future to better appreciate STEM and its potential for solving real life problems. He believes when we catch them young they will be STEM ambassadors for the rest of their life. The project also presents an opportunity to challenge the status quo of negative attitudes that majority of Ghanaians have toward environment and sanitation issues.

Isaac expects to public awareness about the impact of environmental degradation on community health and to help scientists and professionals build on their capacity to effectively engage the public with science.

MinaWilhemina Antwi (Multimedia Manager) is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism studying for a B.A in Communication Studies. She is a 2017 Fellow of Citizens Initiative Africa and the recipient of Citizens Initiative Africa 2017 Most Outstanding Teammate Award. Wilhelmina is confident of making an impact in the practical and experiential method of learning for the youth. She currently serves as a country ambassador for CI Africa, an outfit that focuses on making the same impact she desires among visionary African tertiary students.

Mina also works with 360GhOnline an online storytelling hub as a triple threat; Photographer, Events rep & Social Media coordinator.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn: Wilhelmina Antwi Facebook: Mina Nana Yaa Instagram & Twitter: @mina_nanayaa

Boadzie Daniel a.k.a The Motivator (Workshops Coordinator) is a Social Scientist, Social Entrepreneur, People Guru, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker/Writer and Philosopher who is obsessed with Human Potential Development and the advancement of the Human race.

He has spent more than 10 years of his life studying people, society and the natural world and the connection that exists between them. He lives with only one purpose: To die empty. His vision is to create a Haven on earth where everyone lives fully, develop and use his/her talents to advance himself and the Human race. His MISSION is to do the impossible.

He is the author of “THE MOTIVATOR: UNPOPULAR WAY TO EXCELLENCE”, which is still in the process of being published.

He is currently a student at University of Ghana studying his next obsession: Information Technology

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