January 23, 2019

The SHAPE Project

Ghana represents a developing African country faced by a multitude of challenges related to health and environment. With an emerging and strong scientific community, the need to engage the public and contribute towards opinions and attitudes has never been greater.

What is SHAPE?

GhScientific in collaboration with the Ghana Science Association and with support from the Wellcome Trust UK is seeking to show that good things happen when the scientific community engages with students and the general public. The Shaping Healthy Attitudes and Protecting the Environment (SHAPE) project will have scientists, postgraduates and undergraduates assist junior high school students from 16 select schools to design innovative solutions to health conditions with environmental triggers within their community. From sanitation to noise and air pollution; all areas will be considered

For more information watch the introductory video below and keep up to date with all happenings by following the Project Diary


Participating Schools & Project

IMG_0350Garrison Basic School (Long term impact of carbon cycle disruption)

Gbawe Team
Gbawe Cluster of Schools (Effects of heavy rains on health and environment)

Gaku Team

Gaku International School (Creating sustainable environmental clubs)

NativityLa Nativity Presby School (Managing poor drainage systems)

Light of the worldLight of the World School Complex (Waste segregation for energy production)

Anglican 1
La Anglican 1&2 (Poor human waster disposal and implications on sea pollution)

St MauriceSt Maurice R/C JHS (The Risk of increasing air pollution on respiratory conditions)

St JosephsSt Joseph’s The Worker R/C School (Controlling the impact of mosquitoes on human health)

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