February 16, 2019

Black History Month Day 16: Museum of Science And Technology

On day 16 of Black History Month, we celebrate a monument that’s already earned its place in the history books by age, The Museum of Science and Technology.

Ghana’s Museum of Science and Technology (MST) was set up in 1963 and opened its doors two years later. The age of the museum is evident of Ghana’s long commitment to STEM and although it could do with a revamp, it continues to host school tours and organises educational activities for kids. They continue to operate by the ethos with which it was established, which is simply to inspire visitors with a desire to learn more about the sciences.

  If you haven’t stopped by yet, now is a good time to book a tour and appreciates Ghana’s STEM history. Perhaps after a makeover a few of the organisations featured in this series could find their place on the shelves for future generation to appreciate Ghana’s STEM evolution.


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