August 18, 2019

Call for Proposals-The Secure Tenure in African Cities

The Cities Alliance Innovation Programme has launched a Call for Proposals to award small grants for community organisations working on innovative ways to improve tenure security, property and land rights in African cities.


The Secure Tenure in African Cities initiative

The Secure Tenure in African Cities: Micro Funds for Community Innovation initiative will address the connection between the issue of land tenure, Africa’s growing young population, and its capacity to innovate and deploy modern technologies. It is funded by Cities Alliance member, Omidyar Network.

To address this niche, the Cities Alliance has prepared a special Call for its Innovation Fund.  The aim of this Call is to provide opportunities for innovation and impact in community-level projects by targeting national and local organisations and constituencies typically regarded as high risk and/or hard to reach. Applications are sought from social entrepreneurs, micro enterprises, innovators, community-based organisations, national and local NGOs to stimulate the use of simple, affordable, accessible innovations designed to strengthen land and property rights.

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