Black History Month Day 23: Women In Tech

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It’s day 23 of Black History Month and today we celebrate the Ghana Chapter of Women in Tech Africa.

Across the globe there is a general shortage of women in STEM and that includes women in technology, with even lower numbers in Ghana. The Women in Tech group was established to create a supportive network for ladies working in IT, thereby providing encouragement and resilience to push beyond boundaries in this historically male dominated field.

They aim to be role models for the younger generation of ladies looking to pursue careers in technology at the same time providing mentorship.

The group organises regular networking events, training workshops and socials where the ladies can share experiences and nurture talent in an inspirational environment. They also promote entrepreneurship through technology.

Women in Tech continue to diversify their model and have recently launched the league of extraordinary women’s dinner where female members of the public get the opportunity to dine with prominent, high achieving and successful Women in the country with the aim of providing 1 to 1 mentoring opportunities for the ladies.  There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing great things from their members and the young ladies who have the opportunity to be mentored by a Woman in Tech Africa.

For promoting mentorship, a supportive network and encouraging women into male dominated STEM fields we celebrate Women in Tech Africa as they earn their place in our history books.

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