August 17, 2018

Black History Month Day 19: Women In Biomedicine

It’s day 19 of black history month and up next in our series is the Women in Biomedicine.


Women in Biomedicine, was established as a facebook group in 2009  to serve as an online platform showcasing and celebrating the work of women researchers in the country and across Africa.

They also organise rotational research programs for young ladies with an interest in research to visit their individual labs and partake in hands on research. A taste of the real deal is always a plus in making career choices.

As with similar groups, these platforms go a long way to serve as a source of encouragement and support for ladies both actively pursuing their chosen career path and youngsters aspiring to follow a similar path.

For the young girls who’ve had the opportunity to experience and partake in hands on research through the Women in Biomedicine group and all those who’ve been inspired, encouraged and supported by the stories of the professionals in the group, we celebrate the Women in Biomedicine group today as they earn their spot in our history book.

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