August 18, 2019

Black History Month Day 10: iSpace

It’s day 10 of Black History Month and today we celebrate iSpace.


In an era where technology is trending and start-ups are on the rise, individuals who have dared to tread the entrepreneurial path will testify that it can be a lonely road. iSpace is helping start-ups get the moral support they need to stay sane by providing a hub where like-minded individuals can operate.

Aside offering a fully equipped office space, the venue organises and hosts several STEM related events such as the recent Accra Science Hack day, Mobile Apps Ghana showcase and the Innovate Ghana challenge. Young people who get the opportunity to visit iSpace leave energised.

It’s a hub that inspires and nurtures creativity and some of the rising technology based organisations on the scene today have operated out of iSpace. There will be many great start-ups born out of this hub and for that reason, they’ve earned their spot in our history book.

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