March 19, 2018

Milled Maize Causes Cancer – Not Yet

February 8, 2018 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

Earlier this week a number of news outlets carried a story with the headline “Scientists alarmed at cancer causing metal particles in milled maize”. Suggesting that milled maize causes cancer, this is of great concern […]


How To Make Female Neuroscientists

January 23, 2017 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

The human brain, that 1.4kg squishy organ located between your ears and behind your eyes uses up 20% of all the energy your body produces and determines whether you prefer #WaakyeWednesdays over #JollofJeudi. For all […]


Water Magic

December 1, 2016 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

Water, that simple substance that is everywhere you look. It’s underground and it’s in the clouds. It flows from the tap and sold on the streets. Where ever you get yours from, everyone agrees that […]


The Smartest Man To Ever LIve

October 23, 2016 Dr. Thomas Tagoe

Have you ever seen this equation before; E=mc2? Well it is considered the world’s most famous equation and the man who came up with it is equally considered one of the greatest scientists that ever […]

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