February 21, 2018


September 6, 2016 Editor

The West African Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI)of the University of Ghana will release at least three new high yielding varieties of maize to help boost production in West Africa. The three new varieties coded – […]


New technologies boost rice production

July 19, 2016 Editor

New technologies introduced to dry season rice farmers at the Daffiama and Sankana irrigation dams in the Upper West Region have boosted rice production. The adoptation of the “Feed the Future Ghana Agricultural Technology Transfer […]

International Science News

Week In STEM – 16th April

April 16, 2016 Editor

World’s first device lets paralysed man move his hand with his mind A 24-year-old quadriplegic man has regained his ability to pick up objects, stir liquids, swipe a credit card, and yep, play Guitar Hero, […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-6th Feb

February 2, 2016 Editor

How to learn new skills twice as fast The key to learning a new motor skill – such as playing the piano or mastering a new sport – isn’t necessarily how many hours you spend practising, […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-7 Nov

November 9, 2015 Editor

SUPER GLASS MATERIAL  ALMOST AS STRONG AS STEEL To make super-strong glass, the researchers have long set their sights on alumina, an oxidized version of aluminum that happens to possess some of the strongest chemical […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-12 Sept

September 12, 2015 Editor

Cancer patient receives 3-D printed ribs After being diagnosed with a chest wall sarcoma, a 54-year-old Spanish man’s surgical team made the decision to remove his sternum and a portion of his rib cage and […]

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