January 20, 2018
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Top 10 STEM News – 9th July

July 9, 2016 Editor

Our Eidtor’s pick of the Top 10 STEM News this week Surprising planet with three suns discovered A team of astronomers have used the SPHERE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope to image the first […]


Science communication degree offers 50 free places

July 7, 2016 Editor

There are two weeks left to apply for our Science Communication programme at Rhine-Waal University. Compared to other programmes which either focus on science journalism or train researchers in communication skills, our emphasis is more […]


African hunger policy silent on climate risks

July 4, 2016 Editor

A deal aimed to double agricultural production and end hunger in Africa has underestimated the impact climate change will have on the continent’s food production, a report has found. The African Union’s Malabo Declaration, adopted […]

International Science News

Top 10 STEM News – 25th June

June 27, 2016 Editor

A collection of our editors 10 Top STEM news from across the world: Scientists might have finally figured out why period pain hurts so damn much Researchers finally have a lead on an explanation for […]


The Science Book Tour

June 4, 2016 Editor

To officially launch the start of the GhScientific Science Book Tour, we had Volunteers from Google engage students in a day of fun and educative science activities. Three schools were chosen to partake in this […]

The Science Booktour

Science Book Tour [Videos]

June 2, 2016 Editor

A collage capturing various aspects of the science book tour which was launched in 3 schools across the country

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