February 19, 2018

Project iSWEST Pitch Day!

Date: Saturday August 26th 7- 10am

Venue: Impact Hub Accra (393/4 Otswe Street. Osu ako-Adjei)

Project iSWEST Pitch Day is the Climax of the Project iSWEST 2017 3 week innovation bootcamp.

After 3 fun weeks of pure innovation, creativity and problem solving, come and watch our high school students team up and pitch their awesome ideas to cause change in the Agric sector to a panel of judges at the Impact Hub on 26th August 2017 from 4pm to 7pm..

Winners will receive prizes and teams will receive funding to continue progress on their works and turn them into startups.

Let’s watch our high school students demonstrate that anyone at all can be innovative and solve problems.