May 23, 2018

October Workshop Series

As part of our student capacity building initiatives, we have our October Workshop Series lined up to be delivered by Dr. Thomas Tagoe; Neuroscientist, science communicator and TEDx Speaker. 

To register for any of the workshops or for more information


Call/Whatsapp: 0501073889

Presentation Skills: 7th October (9am) or 14th October (9am)

This practical session will cover the principles of designing presentations (Poster and Powerpoint). Participants will be introduced to the key tools that will lead them to create and deliver content which will allow them to effectively communicate with a target audience

Research Skills: 7th October (1pm) or 21st October (1pm)

A good research project is not chanced upon but rather the product of careful design and step wise methodology. Participant will be introduced to guidelines which they will have the opportunity to implement and design their own research projects.

CV and Cover Letter Composition: 14th October (1pm) or 21st October (1pm)

The corporate world, industry and academia all have their unwritten rules which one must adhere to before the gatekeepers even let you step in through the door. This workshop will work with participant to craft that expert CV and Cover Letter which will greatly increase their chances by making a strong first impression.

Data Analysis and Statistics: 28th October (9am)

This crash course in statistics and data analysis will leave participant with the understanding they need to choose the right statistical tests which will make the most of the data available to them. 


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