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GhScientific – One year on!!!

GhScientific – One year on!!!

Hurray!!! GhScientific is 1yr old and you’re invited to celebrate with us with the start of our Wellcome Trust (UK) funded SHAPE project. Here’s a look back on the 1st year.


As a Ghanaian scientist in the Diaspora, getting first hand information about the science scene in Ghana was virtually impossible. Information was scanty and limited. Surely this could not be the case on the ground. How could one stay updated? Science has to be at the forefront of the conversation with regards to Ghana’s economic development.  How do we unite our scientific community to work together towards this central goal? What if there was a hub that made this information readily available to all; one that sought to encourage partnerships, collaborations and team work; an organisation that served as the voice of Ghana’s scientific community. With this in mind, GhScientific went live and our co-founder Dr Tom Tagoe relocated home.


Over the year, the reception from our fathers/mothers and grandfathers/grandmothers in the field has been nothing short of encouraging. Institutions have been supportive and our people have been great. We tracked down the STEM start-ups / organisations and set out to showcase the amazing work being done by the STEM community. If you missed any of the video interviews so far, catch up here.

Team work they say makes the dream work and no doubt our vision will not have taken off without the commitment of our writers with whom we started. We say a special thank you to Mabel Blankson who provided our maiden article ‘Good Diet Luscious Hair’ our aspiring technology writer Eyram Dickson, the very open minded Nanama Boatemaa Acheampong of infoboxx daily, talented scientific writer Gideon Yeboah  Agyare, and soil scientist Essouassi Elikeem. We owe our logo to Daniel Tawiah of Inverse Analysis and website support to Ben Tagoe

Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting some of our popular articles from the past year and as always we welcome your comments and feedback.



We want to encourage science communication and public engagement with science. We want our media to embrace science news as they do entertainment. We want our pupils and students to take a liking to science. We want to take scientist out of the lab and into the community. The nation needs to know about the great work being done by our scientist.

Writing Competition

GhScientific trialled a science theme writing competition where  Emmanuel Afutu was voted the winner by our judges for his article ‘Monthly Clean-Ups: Possible Contributions In disease Spread & Control’.

He received a cash reward and is on his way to becoming a core member of the team due to his writing prowess and shared vision of a strong scientific community in Ghana. Find out who the runners up and commended articles were.

Look out for next year’s competition.


If you’ve been following us then no doubt you’ve come across #SHAPEgh, our first public engagement project connecting the science community with the public through a project aimed at raising awareness of environmental pollution and the impact on health. This project is funded by the Wellcome Trust (UK) and GhScientific is collaborating with the Ghana Science Association to execute. Meet the team and follow the project here. If it is all beginning to sound exciting, however there is still room to volunteer as an Ambassador on this project by just sending an email to admin@ghscientific.com/gh


National Volunteer Day

GhScientific supports this great initiative which is to honour founders day and will be taking part in this year’s NV Day. GhScientific is looking to work with Innovate Ghana to take STEM to an orphanage. Once we iron out the finer details, a sign up form will be made available for all who want to partake. Believe me, there’s a sense of accomplishment received in giving back. Don’t take our word for it, come find out for yourself.

Black History Month

The past shapes the future and must not be archived. October marks black history month and should be celebrated. Last year GhScientific did a special feature showcasing 31 black scientist each day in October whose work has and continue to shape science today. If you missed it, it’s not too late to be inspired.

For each day in October this year, we’ve got something exciting lined up for you.


The first science themed Barcamp is scheduled to take place on 9th January 2016. Save the date and stay tuned for more info nearer the time. 



In the last few years, the number of STEM organisations and groups has seen a gradual increase and this should be celebrated. What GhScientific seeks to do is not to re-invent the wheel or join the fray, but rather focus on collaborations and partnerships to encourage the streamlining of these STEM hubs to come together towards the promotion and advancement of STEM in the country.

In light of that, GhScientific is connecting with the Ghana Association of Science Teachers and the Ghana Science Association to maximise reach. If you are interested in STEM and want to get involved with GhScientific please get in touch with admin@ghscientific.com/gh

If you’re interested in writing for GhScientific, our editor will love to hear from you. Get in touch with editor@ghscientific.com/gh

Finally, GhScientific believes science is for everyone and you’re all welcome to join us by signing up to our monthly newsletter, liking us on facebook, following on twitter and subscribing to our youtube channel.

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