June 18, 2018

Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Annual Lecture in the Sciences

Topic:                     ‘Stress and Rest: Pharmacodynamic Modulation for Sustainable Human Health’
Date/Time:            Tuesday, 19th September, 2017 at 5.30pm.
Venue:                   GAAS Auditorium, # 1 Research Crescent, Casely Hayford Road, Airport  Residential Area, Accra.

Professor   Arthur   C.   Sackeyfio, Founding Dean of the University of Ghana School of Pharmacy and a Fellow of The Ghana Academy, will soon deliver the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Annual Lecture in the Sciences for 2017.

In this lecture, evidence will be adduced to demonstrate that chronic stress promotes disease and that rest following stress essentially mitigates the debilitating effects of disease. Pharmacodynamic modulation of stress can be mediated with the aid of medicines that are produced and supplied by pharmaceutical companies. The professional interest of pharmaceutical companies in this lecture is obvious and cannot be over emphasized. Their stakeholder interest is therefore positively solicited   and   advocated   for   active sponsorship.

The lecture will furthermore bring to the fore the essence of prudent life styles, with a significant rest component, particularly for those whose regular commitment to work entails much biological exertion and stress. The negative impact of stress without rest on the national effort to promote economic development and growth, especially within Corporate Ghana will be articulated.

All chief executives and their support staff are advised that the lecture will be of immense personal and corporate benefit to them and are therefore encouraged and invited to provide active corporate sponsorship for this lecture.

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