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Black History Month Day 7: Tech Needs Girls

Black History Month Day 7: Tech Needs Girls

On day 7 of Black History Month, we celebrate Tech Needs Girls

Where do we start with this historic initiative? Tech Needs Girls is transforming the lives of girls from the slums in Accra, many of whom are traditionally married off in their teenage years and education is not on the agenda.

“One of the best ways to fight poverty is to educate women and give them economic opportunity” – Sheryl Wudunn

Tech Needs Girls is a teaching and mentorship program where the girls from these disadvantaged backgrounds learn to code whiles being mentored by female technology and engineering graduates and professionals. In the process they are not only being educated but are also being equipped with skills they can harness towards achieving their economic freedom. The digital era is here to stay and with the shortage of women in STEM fields, this initiative is no doubt ticking the right boxes towards changing the narrative.

We are confident that the program is grooming exceptional female STEM enthusiast who will be making a difference in the field.

Tech Needs Girls have earned their place in our history book.


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